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Quotes From Readers:

“I’m Jewish, and I don’t really understand the religious references for the most part…but the human relations aspect of this story—how these men adapted or didn’t adapt—how they experienced this life, and each other—was absolutely fascinating. I had trouble putting the book down. I found it one of the most interesting books of nonfiction that I’ve read in recent years.”
—Charles E. Becker, Chatham County, North Carolina

“Maguire knows when to pause and when to continue in her pacing of her narrative, and her academic preparation does reveal itself—if not in citations—then in the attention to the telling detail, the crafting of a vignette, and the focus on the tumultuous inner quest relentlessly pitted against the deceptively serene outer silence.”
—John L. Murphy, Los Angeles, California

“Religious differences evaporate as we join the universal search for understanding of a higher power.   This is a coming of age true story that will appeal to all ages, young and old.”
—Sue Ann Virchow, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

“This book was fascinating, beautiful, and engaging. And I’m sorry to have it completed.”
—J. Zickler, Bethesda, MD

“This book is somewhat of a paradox—a page-turner about a very slow and deliberate community.”
—HenderHouse, Libertyville, IL

“It’s a page-turner, reading like a novel. It is a cultural history, a coming of age story, a mystery all in one. I was surprised to find myself clarifying my own spiritual beliefs as I read…”
—J. Zieger, Madison, Wisconsin