Professional Endorsements

An Infinity of Little Hours

  • “Maguire has produced a vivid, gripping, and deeply touching picture of a world that is now lost. For an outsider to enter such a closed society and to capture its essence is an astonishing achievement: this is a work of history, but it has all the best qualities of a psychological novel.”
    -Diarmaid MacCulloch
    Professor of the History of the Church, University of Oxford
  • “Nancy Klein Maguire has written a book that challenges us. Its discussion of a religious order that lives a life more ascetic than anyone I have met could sustain and yet a life that, even in the telling of it, forces us to recognize that craving for God that is deep in each of us. And the tale of five men who strove to live that life made me, and I am sure it will make most readers, recognize the empty plenty with which we crowd our own lives.”-John Morrill
    Professor of British and Irish History, University of Cambridge, Ordained Permanent Deacon in the Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia, England.
  • “This is an extraordinary book, and an amazing achievement… All the interviews and recordings you must have conducted don’t add up to what you have achieved here.”
    -J. G. A. Pocock
    Professor Emeritus of History, Johns Hopkins University


  • “You have created an extraordinarily detailed account, with remarkable insight into the minds of the five-and others. . . . The wealth of exact detail gives great authority to your account. But that is just the framework. It’s your penetration of each one’s disposition and interior development that is most fascinating. The responsibility with which you have approached your subject shows thoroughness and enviable objectivity. Your sources were clearly exhaustive. The resulting insight into the Carthusian challenge has the ring of first hand familiarity, which gives enormous validity to your work.”
    -An ex-Carthusian of twenty-some years
  • “As a former novice with the Carthusians, I found the book to be the best description available of what it is like to join the Carthusian Order. It is obvious that the author spent a great deal of time with members and ex-members of the Order since it captures the experience of being a Carthusian novice, with its many joys and many challenges. I found myself mentally transported back to my days in the Charterhouse. For anyone who wants to understand the real experience of being a Carthusian novice, it is essential reading.”
    -Rev. Msgr. Stephen J. Rossetti PhD DMin
    Diocese of Syracuse
  • “Nancy Klein Maguire’s account of the quest of five young men to become Carthusians in the period immediately before the Second Vatican Council is admirably written and shows deep sympathetic insight. Only on two or three minor points did I feel she might be inaccurate, but then my own experience in the charterhouse lies nearly forty years back, and Parkminster clearly was not Sélignac so maybe the observance varied on minor points. In any event, this is an admirably researched study, which can be recommended to readers of the Analecta Cartusiana as giving an authentic portrait of life in the Carthusian novitiate in Parkminster at the period in question.”
    -James Hogg
    Analecta Cartusiana (2006), 238:142.
  • “I really am overwhelmed by the richness of content, the beauty and humor of so many descriptions, the little details, and your incredible insight. Really it’s as if you had lived with us in disguise for five years.”
    -Dom Ignatius
    Carthusian of the 1960’s
  • “It’s surely one of the most meaningful books I’ve ever read. It’s like reading my diary. It is the best inside view of the Carthusian life ever written! I’m sure that’s true. How many such books are there? Not many, and none with so many personal accounts. Thanks ever so much for doing it. It will be one of my treasures. It’s extremely well written and with an imaginative approach.”
    -Fr. Bob Wild
    Carthusian at Parkminster from 1957-59
  • “I sent a copy of Infinity to my sister in Las Vegas. She devoured it and asked me a hundred questions that she has had pent up for forty years and was afraid to ask. So your book set her free.”
    -Bob Briden, former Carthusian brother
  • “It is perhaps the most successful book about us by an outsider going into details such as only a woman could detect.”
    -A current Carthusian of Parkminster