Nancy Klein Maguire

Mountain Women

When I moved back to DC, searching for a place to live, my made-in-heaven basement apartment turned into a disaster – I left after eight days, unshowered and in a…

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The Isolation of Grief

Funerals are totally acceptable. As long as a widow doesn’t audibly cry, tears are allowed to come down her face. People quite easily tolerate death, but definitely not dying. The…


The Death Room

I had to reenter David’s death room to finish this book. Being inside David’s death room again intensifies all the familiar wracking emotions: grief, anguish, frustration, and terror. They are…


Dark Writing

A trauma memoir nearly destroys, certainly changes, the author. The best of the genre have been written with extreme anguish. Frank Conroy, for example, was drunk for weeks between writing…


Being a Death Coach

Everyone understands the term “midwife,” but there is no term for describing the person who travels with the terminally ill person to their death. I use the term death coach…


The Ultimate Choice

No matter how we would like to deny it, we all will die. But, unless we have a heart attack or are killed instantaneously in an accident, some of us…

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Records of Dying

We received the deadly diagnosis on September 23, 2013. By the next month, I had started recording our conversations. In early February 2017, I listened to them again, what I…

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