Publications & Resume


  • Scholar-in-Residence, The Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC.


  • Surviving a Cherished Death:
    26 Months, 2.2 Years, 790 days: work in progress
  • An Infinity of Little Hours: Five Young Men and Their Trial of Faith in the Western World’s Most Austere Monastic Order (New York: Public Affairs, 2006). New paperback edition, April 5, 2007, German edition, October, 2007, Barcelona edition October, 2008
  • Regicide and Restoration: English Tragicomedy, 1660-1671 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992).
    Reviewed in Renaissance Quarterly (Spring, 1995),47: 172-4; Modern Philology (November, 1994), 92:243-7; English Studies (July, 1994), 75:374-8; Theatre Research International (Autumn, 1994), 19:272-3; Studies in English Literature (Fall, 1994), 34:672-4,676; Comparative Drama (Summer, 1994), 28:257-9; Shakespeare Bulletin (Winter, 1994), 12:50-1. , Paperback edition, November, 2005
  • Edited, Renaissance Tragicomedy: Explorations in Genre and Politics (New York: AMS Press, 1987), with “Introduction: Towards Understanding Tragicomedy,” pp. l-l0, and concluding essay, “The Whole Truth of Restoration Tragicomedy,” pp. 2l8-39.
  • Reviewed in Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England (1991), V:401-11; Modern Language Review (1992), 280-3; Review of English Studies (August, 1990), 41:390-1; Comparative Drama (Winter, 1989-90), 379-81; Shakespeare Bulletin (March/April, 1989), 29; Renaissance Quarterly (Autumn, 1989), 42:576-9.


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  • “Factionary Politics: John Crowne’s Henry VI,” in Gerald MacLean,
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  • “Nahum Tate’s King Lear: ‘The king’s Blest restoration,'” in Jean Marsden,
    ed., The Appropriation of Shakespeare: Post Renaissance Reconstructions of the Works and the Myth (London: Harvester Press, 1991), pp. 29-42.
  • “Regicide and Reparation: The Autobiographical Drama of Roger Boyle, Earl of Orrery,” English Literary Renaissance,
    21 (Spring, 199l), pp. 257-82.
  • “The ‘Tragedy’ of Charles I: Distancing and Staging the Execution of a King,” in Restoration, Ideology, and Revolution,
    Proceedings of the Folger Institute, Center for the History of British Political Thought, vol. 4 (Washington: The Folger Shakespeare Library, 1990), pp. 45-66.
  • “The Theatrical Mask/Masque of Politics: The Case of Charles I,” The Journal of British Studies,
    28 (January, 1989), pp. l-22.

Work in the Humanities:

  • Death Partner, April 12, 2013-May 18, 2015
  • Initiated and created a proposal for “The Advancement of the Humanities,” Marquette University, 2013-2014
  • Initiated and funded Symposium, “Moving over Uncharted Ground: Aging as a Spiritual Practice,” March 5-12, 2017, St. John’s on the Lake, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Initiated and funded Symposium, “The Measure of Our Days: Awakening Hope in Aging, Loss and Death,” March 4-8, 2018, St. John’s on the Lake, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


  • Interview/review with Philip Gröning, ” ‘Into Great Silence’, Why Now? ”
    National Catholic Reporter (April 6, 2007), pp. 15-16. Read the Review here
  • Karen Armstrong, The Spiral Staircase: My Climb out of Darkness
    (Knopf, 2004), in Los Angeles Times Book Review, (April 18, 2004), p. R12.
  • Lois Potter, Secret rites and secret writing: Royalist literature, l641-1660
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  • Molly Smith, The Darker World Within: Evil in the Tragedies of Shakespeare and His Successors
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  • Mary Edmond, Rare Sir William Davenant, The Revels Plays Companion Library
    (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1987) in Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England, ed. Leeds Barroll (New York, AMS Press, 1993), 6:273-74.
  • Patricia Fumerton, Cultural Aesthetics: Renaissance Literature and the Practice of Social Ornament
    London: University of Chicago Press, 1991); “Trivial Pursuit,” in The Times Literary Supplement (May 1, 1992), p. 24.
  • David Lindley, ed., The Court Masque, The Revels Plays Companion Library
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  • Stephen Kogan, The Hieroglyphic King: Wisdom and Idolatry in the Seventeenth Century Masque
    (Rutherford, N. J.: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1986) in Seventeenth Century News (Winter, 1987), pp. 67-68.
  • “The Two Noble Kinsmen,” Shakespeare Bulletin, 4
    (July/August, 1986), pp. 8-9. Review of first night of newly opened Swan Theatre in Stratford.
  • “Five Years On: The Classics at APT,” Shakespeare Bulletin, 3
    (November / December, 1985), pp. l8-19, 6. Omnibus review of the 1985 season.
  • Nicholas Jose, Ideas of the Restoration in English Literature: 1660-71
    (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1984) in Seventeenth Century News, 33 (Winter, 1985), p. 60.


  • An Infinity of Little Hours
    Borders’ Bookstores April non-fiction selection for their “Original Voices.”
    Catholic Book Club Online Bookstore (run by America Magazine) chooses An Infinity of Little Hours for its April Book of the month. Association of Independent Booksellers chooses An Infinity of Little Hours as Top Ten non-fiction “Notables” for June, 2006; chosen as one of four recommendations for the week of June 18, 2006, in the Book Sense column: “May We Recommend.” Chosen as selection for National Press Club Book Fair, Washington, DC, November 15, 2006
  • Induction into the legendary order of the Long Leaf Pine for preserving Cape Fear and deeding the land to the State of North Carolina as a dedicated nature preserve, June 6, 1998.
  • Special monetary tribute in name of “Nancy Klein Maguire” from former student (1975) at Northern Illinois University, presented September 7, 1995.
  • Carolinas Symposium for British Studies prize for best article written from a 1988 symposium paper, “Regicide and Reparation: The Political Drama of Roger Boyle, Earl of Orrery,” awarded October 21, 1989.
  • National Endowment for the Humanities stipend to participate in the seminar “Theory and Practice of Cultural History: Shakespeare,” Breadloaf, Vermont, Summer, 1990.
  • Folger Fellowship to participate in Folger seminar “Political Discourse in Early Stuart England: Kings, Courtiers and Judges,” Winter, 1987.
  • American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies Fellowship, Newberry Library, Summer, 1985.
  • Newberry Folger Exchange Fellowship to participate in Folger seminar, “Jacobean Tragic Styles,” Winter, 1982.
  • Northern Illinois Newberry Library Renaissance Center Fellowship to participate in the Center for Renaissance Studies’ Summer Institute in the Archival Sciences, 198l.
  • Newberry Folger Exchange Fellowship to participate in Folger seminar, “English Drama in its Theatres, 1660-l710,” Winter, 1981.

Papers Presented:

  • Twenty papers presented at various literary and historical conferences.

Other Professional Activities:

  • Organizing and participating in about 70 national and international conferences; consulting at the Library of Congress; teaching in various capacities at Northern Illinois University, Harper College, Quigley Preparatory Seminary, Loyola University, and Marquette University.


  • Ph.D, Northern Illinois University, l983
  • MA, Marquette University, 1965
  • AB, Marquette University, 1963



  • “A Monk’s Christmas, National Catholic Reporter, December 22, 2006