The Death of Dom Philip


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My husband, Dom Philip, died on May 18, 2015, of a very rare liver cancer. For 26 months, 2.2 years, 790 days, there was not a single second that we were unaware of his inevitable death, with a constantly changing prognosis. With love and anguish, with laughter and tears, I learned how to be a monk’s death partner. Dom Philip wrote his own obituary:

Rejoice. On May 18, 2015, David Edward Maguire died in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Born on March 2, 1938, Maguire was a graduate of St. Mary on the Lake seminary, St. Hugh’s Charterhouse, Sussex, England, and the University of Chicago. He was most fortunate to live and work with exceptionally talented and caring people, most notably, his spouse and sparring partner of forty-eight years, Dr. Nancy Klein Maguire.

He died a monk. I appear to have survived and am finally starting to write again. More to come. Stay with me.

An Infinity of Little Hours

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  1. Paul Rovali

    Hi Nancy,
    I am reading infinity of little hours and am enjoying it immensily. However one question dom Leo was novice master at time of your writing when I went to the monastery in 1993 dom Cyril was novice master however you do not mention him. Why not Did dom cyril come after dom Leao?
    Thanks Paul

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